Who We Are

Apostle Roy and Pastor Daphne Okonkwo, who are founders of our ministry, have been commissioned by God as some of His vessels through whom He generates and distributes His spiritual and material blessings to His people worldwide.

God called Apostle Roy in 1989 and said:

“I have made you a spiritual and material powerhouse where I will generate My spiritual and material blessings and distribute them to My people all over the world.”

Some spiritual and material blessings include:

• Translating the Holy Bible into several languages and distributing them online and offline

• Teaching and preaching the word of God

• Spiritual warfare and intercessory prayers

• Teaching people how to make money in a Godly way

• Teaching people what God’s word says about living the life He wants them to

We want to help you tap into those spiritual and material blessings God has for you. Therefore, Make Money Online – Best Tools has been built with you in mind!

We will share with you the knowledge we have acquired from our experiences building several websites and running several businesses.

We will share with you information about the best Free and Paid tools that we use and are helpful to us.

We don’t offer any legal advice on this website. This site is intended to be information and opinion based.

We welcome you to explore Make Money Online Best Tools to discover our how to guides, reviews, blogs and so much more.